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Stephanie Jalil

Stephanie Jalil

Licensed Esthetician

Stephanie Jalil is a Licensed Esthetician. She has over 7 years of experience working in the beauty industry. Stephanie specializes in several skin enhancing treatments such as Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion , Micro needling, and Dermplanning. She has vast knowledge of several medical skin care product lines. During your appointment with Stephanie, she will not only help you put together a skincare treatment plan, but also a customized home skincare regime that will help enhance your in office services. Stephanie has the desire to bring out the best in each individual that she gets the pleasure of working with. Her warm caring disposition and attention to detail help create a lasting bond with each of her patients.

She received a B.S. in Biology from Florida State University. Before becoming an Esthetician, Stephanie spent 6 years in the United States Army, where she received several Army accommodation and achievement medals. When she's not working on making people feel beautiful, she trains in Taekwon-do martial arts and is an advanced green belt.

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