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Kasia Pyz

Kasia Pyz

Tampa Regional Manager

With just under a decade of experience in the medical aesthetics industry, Kasia oversees Tampa region operations and the Venus laser department.  As a part of the leadership team, she utilizes her extensive management background and her strong knowledge of the medical aesthetics industry to help drive the company’s growth by providing excellent patient service. Her passion and her years of professional experience in the industry have given her a strong and unique insight into the unique needs that Venus’ patients have and how those needs should be met. 

She is patient-focused and committed to helping guests enhance their natural beauty through a pleasant and stress-free experience. She has extensive experience and knowledge in fillers and tox. Her calm and positive demeanor has helped her to build a foundation of success in her career in medical aesthetics. Patients feel at ease with Kasia, as she is able to help them feel comfortable in their own skin by listening and identifying their needs. With an open-mind and great energy, she focuses on helping her patient feel as comfortable as possible from the very first point of meeting.

Kasia possesses her cosmetology license and has studied at the University of Illinois in Business and BioChem.  She is also certified in a wide range of areas in medical aesthetics, including skin resurfacing to body contouring, laser hair removal, vein removal, pigmented lesions, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, inch loss, cellulite removal, and micro needling.  

Her positive attitude, her commitment to patient satisfaction, and her years of experience in the medical aesthetics industry has made her a perfect match for Venus, which focuses on helping each patient feel as confident and glowing as possible. 


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